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Acrylic Printers

Harness UV Printing machines for Acrylic Printers to produce high-resolution, durable, and visually striking prints on acrylic surfaces, ideal for signage, displays, and decorative applications.

T-Shirt Printing

Integrate UV Printing machines into T-shirt printing to produce vibrant, durable, and high-quality designs with intricate details and customizable graphics.


Utilize UV Printing machines for UV-DTF (Direct to Film) printing to produce vibrant and durable designs on a variety of flexible substrates, expanding creative possibilities in the printing industry.

UV Printers

Utilize UV Printing machines for precise and vibrant printing on various substrates, revolutionizing visual communication.

Bottle Industry

Utilize UV Printing machines in the sports industry to customize equipment, apparel, and accessories with team logos, player names, and vibrant designs for a professional and personalized touch

Digital Printers

Utilize UV Printing machines in the sports industry to customize equipment, apparel, and accessories with team logos, player names, and vibrant designs for a professional and personalized touch

Corporate Gifting

Utilize UV Printing machines to personalize corporate gifts with company logos, names, or custom designs for a memorable and impactful touch.

Leather & Footwear Industry

Leverage UV Printing machines in the leather and footwear industry to customize products with intricate designs, logos, or branding for a distinctive and high-end finish.

Toy Industry

Integrate UV Printing machines into the toy industry to add vibrant colors, intricate details, and personalized designs to toys, enhancing their visual appeal and marketability.


“Explore a world where creativity meets technology with our diverse range of printing solutions tailored for a multitude of industries. Glide through this slider to see discover how our innovative UV technology can elevate the printing standards of your industry, ensuring every print is not just seen but felt. Our machines are engineered to transform your ideas into stunning realities – where every print tells a story.”

How in-house printing helps boost Profit

In-house printing streamlines the production process by enabling quick creation of samples and new designs daily, while ensuring their uniqueness with reduced risk of copying. This approach guarantees timely delivery and enhanced quality control.

Additionally, it offers the benefits of safeguarding customer data privacy, reducing printing costs, and facilitating individual customization, all contributing to a more efficient and secure production environment.

Products We Offer

Our company is focused on delivering excellence through innovative printing solutions at the best price. Each and product is carefully sourced from trusted vendors. We are offering:.

Flatbed Led UV Printer

Xis1624 UV Printer

Led UV Ink

XIS Printer


Discover the future of printing at Axis Enterprises! Join us for a live demonstration of our cutting-edge UV, DTF, and UV-DTF printing machines. Witness firsthand the precision, versatility, and speed these technologies offer. Don’t miss this opportunity to see how we can elevate your printing solutions. Visit us now and explore the possibilities!

Vendor Support & Quality Policy

Quality is the most important factor that has always enabled us to gain the trust as well as confidence of the buyers. We have been focusing on offering defect free range including Flatbed Led UV Printer, Xis1624 UV Printer and more. Moreover, with the help of our sourcing agents, we source premium quality products at best price. Over the years, we have developed a vast vendor base. Owing to our unmatched sourcing capabilities and collaboration with renowned manufacturers, we are meeting growing requirements of the buyers. The vendors are selected while keeping in mind varied parameters such as:

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